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Graphic Designing Services on 'Pay What You Want Basis'!
Logos, Flyers, Pamphlets, Flex, Book Covers etc.

Alternative News

Latest, Unbiased News without any agenda or propaganda.

Primary focus on covering the Civil War in Syria, Refugee Crisis and Human Rights violations.

Cyber Security

Information about staying safe and maintaining privacy online.

Also focused on identifying scams and cases of Digital Harassment and Cyber Bullying.

Tech Hacks

Hacking in it's true sense is thinking out of the box, making ends meet with whatever you have got to get things done.

Science & Technology: News

News and Information about the upcoming developments in the field of Science and Technology.

Primary Focus on Life Sciences.

Human Rights: Activism & Hactivism

Information about cases of Human Rights Violations.

Information about planned as well as ongoing Campaigns, Petitions, Demonstrations, Movements etc.

General Blog

General Blog

A simple blog about various topics.

Guest Blogs

We will be accepting guest blogs on virtually any topic in the world (Baring Improper and Illegal Content).

Approval will be sent by email.

Regular Contributors will get a dedicated page and Popular Topics will be converted to a permanent  category.

Send your article/idea here: