Android Apps That Will Pull You Through College!

If you are a College Student, I am pretty sure you have pretended to be studying on your smartphone while chatting with your friends, right?

But, jokes and deception apart, you must have heard about Applications that make the lives of College Students easier.

Unfortunately, the world of Android Applications is a huge one!

And, choosing the right Applications is as vital as choosing the right college. But don’t worry, we are here for you!

Here are a few offbeat applications that each college student must have in his/her Pocket.

1. Text Fairy
Text Fairy is an Optical Character Recognition App and what it basically does is scan a document, read it and convert it to text which you can copy or move to a PDF file. So, what’s s special? There are a number of similar applications for example Cam Scanner (mentioned below) but it doesn’t allow you to export the text as a simple text file, that feature is available only for Paid users. On the other hand, Text Fairy is one of the most robust OCRs out there and it hardly occupies any space on your phone. (aprox. 5 MB).

This can be used for anything from copying notes, notices typing lengthy documents and the uses are infinite.

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2. Google Docs
Now, you have your notes but what quick access to them? Every time you really need your notes, they are in some other device right? Those days are over.

Everyone knows what MS Word is but surprisingly few people know about Docs, one of the most amazing services offered by Google. Google Docs lets you save your documents on the cloud and it can be accessed from anywhere. The Android app works seamlessly with the Drive and makes available all your notes. There is also option of sharing the documents in whatever format you want (PDF, .doc, .docx, .txt etc.) or you can simply share the link.

Anywhere you go, your trusty notes are with you!

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3.  Wolfram|Alpha

Defined by the company as a “Star Wars Computer”, Wolfram|Alpha has got to be by far the most wondrous introduction by the Wolfram developers.

The app contains an ability to extract and relay information like no other. Maths problems are solved with exact working, statistical data is presented as a graph, and it can even educate you about education. How neat is that!

Special attractions include a plethora of information on every subject imaginable, a few of which are listed below:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Life Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Engineering

And the list goes on.

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4. Monefy

As students, we tend to find our wallets stress fully empty at times.

Say hello to Monefy, your personal Android finance friend. Monefy helps you budget your days, weeks, months or even an entire year. All you need to do is categorize your frequent expenses, and enter your total balance. Once done, simply use the “+” or “-” buttons to enter the amounts of credit and expense respectively.

A graph then shows your trend of expenditure, letting you know which parts of your life you need to slow down.

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Lastly we would like to mention Cam Scanner as it is a worthy app.

5. Cam Scanner

Have you missed out on a week’s worth of notes? Don’t panic, CamScanner has got your back.

With a phone scanner, this ingenious Android app scans all documents and pictures, and stores them in the preferred choice of location. In addition, you can search for certain keywords within a scanned document to reach a piece of text faster. Scanned files can also be shared, printed and faxed.

Special attractions include the use of Cam Scanner to scan all your certificates, passwords, and other personal documents to keep them safe and sound in the digital universe.

Special attractions include interchangeable currencies, a handy calculator, and a password to protect your expenditure history.

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Mind you this is just the tip of the iceberg, make sure to explore the magical world of Android to discover applications you never knew you needed.

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