How to make Android’s User Interface a lot Faster


In this post, I will tell you how you can easily and effectively speed up your Android’s User Interface and make your phone almost lightening fast. First of all, I will explain how the UI works.
Swiping down from the top and clearing all the notifications is possibly the most done thing on your android device. You may not have noticed but wiping out the notifications is not instantaneous. There is a small animation that precedes the vanishing of the notification. The same is true for clearing in use apps. You will also have noticed that when you click lock screen, the screen doesn’t  blacken immediately. It dims and then becomes black. All this is because of animations. So turning off animations makes these processes lightening fast.
Alternatively, you can also increase the animation time if you want.
So here’s how:

To fiddle with the animation time we have to enter the Developer Options on Android.
To do that, go to your Android’s Settings. In it, find About Device.
Click on About Device.
Scroll Down and find Build Number.
Keep on tapping the Build Number. After the Sixth Tap, you will get a message saying ‘You are one click away from entering Developer Options. Make the Seventh Click. You will get a success message.
Then go back.
You will see that a new menu has appeared above the About Device Menu, named Developer Options.
Click on it.
Scroll down and in the Drawing Section, you will find three options:
Window Animation Scale
Transition Animation Scale
Animator Duration Scale
Click on all of them, one by one and select Animation Off.
(You can also select any of the others depending upon your choice.)

. Just exit Settings and you will start noticing the changes immediately.

Enabling Developer Options is perfectly legal and completely Safe.
It is not the same as Rooting your device.
Please do not change any of the other Developer Options unless you are sure about what you are doing.

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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