American Citizen Refuses To Leave Syria, For His Students

Syria has become the center of a fierce civil war fought by several groups. Thousands of people have been killed and millions still live in ghastly conditions where their life can end any moment. But, while scores of people have immigrated from Syria to Europe, there is one man who refuses to leave Damascus even though his own government has repeatedly asked him to return.

Thomas Wibber is a U.S Citizen who moved to Damascus in 1975. He is married to a Syrian lady and says that he feels safer in Damascus than any american city.

He has got several requests from the U.S Government telling him that it is not safe for him to live there but he has ignored all directives.

He started teaching at a school as an English Teacher. The school was looking for a native English speaker and Thomas was glad to fill in. He says that his students are very attentive and enthusiastic and he has a really great relationship with them. He feels that for the sake of his students’ education, it his his duty to stay and teach.

Though he says that he feels safe it’s obvious that he isn’t actually living in safety. Every morning, he inspects his car to check if it has been rigged with explosives. He has had a few close calls with rockets and mortar shells in the past six years.

Considering that he is a U.S Citizen he and his wife can easily immigrate to the safety of the United States. Yet, showing immense bravery and sense of Duty, he has stayed on.

Education is the most important asset that any person can have and an educator does the highest service that a man can deliver. Doing it at a risk to his life is indeed a noble feat.

Video Credits: Maytham Alashkar.

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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