Damascus Water Crisis

Water Is Life…

And the Damascus Water Crisis has left people in Damascus, the capital of Syria without it for six days now…
1.71 Million People, living on a meager supply of water for almost a week now…

Damascus Water Crisis
People gathered around a water tanker to obtain any amount of water they can.
Photo Credits: Mayatham Alashkar.

Damascus is now estimated to be the largest city of Syria due to massive armed conflicts in Aleppo, this has also made it one of the relatively safer locations after Assad’s stronghold in Latakia.
But the catch is the Wadi Barada valley through which the major spring supplying water to Damascus flows is currently controlled by Rebels.

6 days back, the rebels fearing attacks by the Syrian Army, contaminated the water flowing to Damascus with Diesel. Luckily for the people of the city, Syrian Authorities were able to shut down the water supply before it reached the citizens.

Although the threat seemed to have been averted fear pertains among the citizens of Damascus and it seems even the United Nations. A leaked UN memo shows it warning it’s staffer to avoid using tap water for either drinking or cooking until further notice.

But this still leaves the people of Damascus with barely enough drinking water and no provisions for large resupply of the city. Further the Syrian Government barely has enough resources to both decontaminate the water as well as secure the valley.

The people are dependent on a few odd well, stored water and some Tanker Suppliers. People have even taken to collecting rainwater in whatever vessels they can procure. Although there have been a few scuffles over water issues, the people of the war torn country are co-operating pretty well.
The entire city is being parched by this underhand and inhuman attack by the rebels/terrorists but the people of the City of Jasmine are fighting it with humanity and co-operation.

Damascus Water Crisis
People collecting Rainwater in Damascus.
Photo Credits: Mayatham Alashkar.

The Syrian Army, charged with recent victories in Aleppo, backed by Russian air-force and ground forces has started an operation to secure the valley comprising of a few villages on Tuesday, 27th December, 2016.

That operation if successful would at least protect Damascus from further attacks on their water supply although it would still take a lot of time to avert the current Water Crisis.


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