Facebook Profile Picture Guard: How To Use It

Facebook recently announced a Test-Program called ‘The Profile Picture Guard‘ to help defend the misuse of People’s profile pictures.

By default anyone’s profile pictures are public that is absolutely anyone with or without a Facebook account can view them. Although unlike Twitter they do not appear in Google Images people are still uncomfortable while posting one.

Facebook’s pilot program intends to create a safer environment to post Profile Pictures.
Turning on the Profile Picture Guard will:

  • Prevent Anyone From Downloading Your Profile Picture Or Sharing It Any Other Way.
  • Prevent Anyone Except Your Facebook Friends From Adding A ‘Tag’ to your Profile Picture.
  • Prevent Anyone From Taking A Screenshot Of Your Profile Picture (Only On Android).

Currently it has been launched only in India and unfortunately there is a sinister reason behind it.
Indian Men are infamous for stalking and ‘perving’ upon women via Facebook. These online Predators often download Profile pictures for themselves and also share them in various web based chats, pages & forums. The ability to download also allows them to morph those pictures in inappropriate ways.

The Profile Picture Guard, intended for safety of women on Facebook will undoubtedly prevent such abuse of Profile Pictures make women feel comfortable.

Here’s How To Turn It On:

The Option to turn it on will appear on top of your News Feed and you will be able to turn it on in a few simple steps.

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If it doesn’t or if you missed it, here’s another way:

1] Open Your Facebook Profile.
2] Click On Your Profile Picture.
3] Scroll Down, You Will See A ‘Turn on profile picture guard’ Option, click on it
4] You Will See A Preview With A Blue Border Around Your Profile Picture & A Shield Icon At The Bottom. There Will Be A Save Option, Click On It.

Although your profile picture can still be viewed by anyone this will add a significant layer of defense against abuse of any kind as well as cyber crimes like identity thefts.

Note: I will always be honest with you. There are still ways of downloading or taking a Screenshot of your profile picture even if you have enabled the guard. But the guard has made it immensely harder for anyone without technical knowledge to do so.

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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