Facebook Timeline Disappeared and Other Problems!

Facebook the most widely used Social Media Platform with over a Billion daily users seems to have ran into a Technical Glitch or has become the target of a Massive Cyber Attack.

Reports are pouring in of People telling that their entire Facebook Timeline (Also referred to as Wall) has completely disappeared.

Not only that people are also reporting Log In Problems as well as Total Blackout.

This problem started at around 18:20 GMT and has currently affected users in Europe, some parts of the United States, few parts of South America, Manila, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and India (Rajasthan, Delhi and Kolkata) although the most widely affected areas are in Europe and the US.

But now the hot areas have subsided and turned medium and reports are coming of Timelines reappearing. So maybe everything has started going North.

There are two possible explanations.

The first thing to note is that a similar problem had occurred in 2013 when Facebook was updating it’s Timeline Feature. But at that time there was an official statement from their Newsroom which is lacking today.

Or the other Possibility is a massive Cyber Attack.

Those in the Hacking World know that the Cyber Attacks in 2016, (Against Twitter) were just a trial and major attacks are expected in 2017. All the indications are of a Denial Of Service Attack.

This could be the First Attack…

As far as my knowledge goes, this shouldn’t leak you Personal Data but ‘Better Safe Than Sorry’ right? I would advise viewers to change their Passwords although I repeat a breach of Private Data is very unlikely.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe…

Author: Rohan Dandavate

Email: rohan_dandavate@riseup.net
Public Key: [http://bluesphereobserver.com/rohan-dandavate/]

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