Forget Emojis! WhatsApp has GIFs now!

Emojis a.k.a Emoticons are the best and most awesome way to express your feelings on WhatsApp.

A single emoji is worth a lengthy message and now WhatsApp has has rolled in it’s elder cousin, GIFs!

GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format and it basically is a short animation that plays over and over again.
There are animations of People Clapping, Cute Cats, Puppies and much much more!

Earlier if you had to share a GIF, you had to download it first and then share it but those days are over now!
In it’s latest update WhatsApp has released a feature in integration with Giphy, the world’s largest source of GIFs that allows you to search and share GIFs from within WhatsApp without leaving the App even once.

So here’s how to use that:

  1. First Click on the normal Emoji Symbol. 

  2. Then when the Emojis Pad opens, you will see two options below, the first is a Smiley and the second is GIF.
    Click on the GIF,

  3. Then you will see a Search Option, type the topic or feeling or emotion you want and you will get a number of GIFs. 

  4. Chose the one you like the most. 

  5. And just send it along! 

Now, you can use this cool new feature to surprise your friends and make them laugh because, “A Picture May Be Worth A Thousand Words” but “A Video Is Worth An Entire Novel!

Have Fun!!

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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