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Acidity is one of the most commonly faced problems on day to day basis, classified into many types and names such as acid reflux,  Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or Heartburn, it is found that 20-30 % of adult population faces this problem.

Just as acidity is common so are its remedies. There is no need to spend a lot on antacid tablets and syrups because there are tons of ‘Do It Yourself’ home solutions for countering acidity.

Countering acidity needs to cover three facets, the first is controlling the production of acidic substances as well as controlling the release of the same substances, the second is neutralizing the acidic substances which have already been released and the third is protecting the internal linings of the body from corrosion and inflammation due to the acid.
Taking all these into mind, here are some remarkable home remedies for acidity.

1] The production of acidic substances is partly controlled by the presence of ions like Potassium. Potassium rich foods like Bananas, Apples etc. help regulate the excretion of these substances as well aid the formation of a mucous layer along the skin lining which protects it from the acids.

2] Baking Powder taken in either as half a spoon of dry powder or with a glass of water, neutralizes the acids in the stomach. Neutralizing has dual benefits, it produces water which further dilutes the acid and also produces salts which create a sort of buffer which doesn’t allow the acidity to cross a certain limit.

3] In case of a strong burning sensation, Aloe Vera extract and mint juice soothes the burns and keeps the inflammation in check. A cup of Ginger Root tea about half an hour before a meal has a similar albeit preventive effect. Besides these cinnamon mixed in honey is one of the first used substance for its soothing effect.

4] Buttermilk, rich in butyric acid and lemon juice heavy with citric acid help a lot in staving off acidity.

Surprised? It’s quite right to be but fighting acidity is not always as simple as it seems. The reason is a little principle in chemistry which says, ‘like dissolves like’. Which means that out of all stuff out there, only an acid can dissolve acid. The accompanying fats in buttermilk create a sort of harmless emulsion.

5] Contrary to popular belief, many times acidity is caused not by excess of acid but by lack of it. The lack of acid signals extra release of acid which confuses the system and results in acidity. Intake of acidic substances in these cases helps bring the system back to normality. Some remedies which work wonders are eating crushed cloves, mustard, apple cider vinegar etc.

Besides these one can always rely on one’s own logic. You just have to remember the three fundamentals of fighting acidity. But more importantly one must never fall prey to false remedies which do not fall into the set logic of remedies for acidity. Good Luck!


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