Horror Movies That Are Really Worth Watching

Horror Movies is something that is enjoyed by people of all ages. The chill after watching, the sudden jump, eerie music, everything about a Horror Movie is attractive and well, scary.

But, though dozens of Horror Movies release every year hardly any of them are even worth giving a glance.

I am an avid fan of Horror movies and can safely say that I have watched over a 100 of those (Yeah, I am crazy.)

But only a few of them made me tuck in a little tighter.

So, here’s my Top 10:

1. Martyrs.
Technically Martyrs isn’t a Horror Movie, It’s a Psychological Thriller which delves a bit into the Meta-Physical. But, everything about the movie is chilling.

There is a continuous palpable tension, fear and mystery.
The movie, follows a young girl who was abused, tortured and held captive as a kid and is still haunted by that experience. She sees a picture of the family that did that to her and goes out and kills them, what follows is a horrific ordeal. Added to it is a mysterious secret society of powerful men and women conducting a horrifying experiment since ages.
The very last line of the movie will… well you will experience it.
Note: There are two movies, one is the remake. The original movie was released in 2008/9 and that’s the one that I recommend. The remake was released in 2016.

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2. Sinister 1 & 2.
Children are the most innocent beings in the world and nothing terrifies us more than seeing them doing something evil. And that’s what Sinister is all about. There is great Horror Atmosphere, story as well as Jump Scenes. Of the two, Sinister 1 is loads better but you can’t just ignore the sequel right!? Sinister 2 has more focus on the story and how Good triumphs over Evil while Sinister 1 is pure horror.

Sinister 1.

Sinister 2.

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3. The Conjuring 2.
Conjuring 2 is the perfect package, a family that calls for your sympathy. An old house. A young girl. Ed & Lauren Warren. And a Evil Demon.
This second film in the Conjuring Series is definitely the better one.
It starts off with a glimpse of the famous Amityville Haunting and then takes you to an incidence that later became famous as the London Amytiville.
There is a great story and an even better twist near the end.
It offers depth into the Warrens’ personal lives and how the job they do takes a toll on them and this really adds to the horror atmosphere.
Note: The Conjuring 1 and 2 are not related. They are two separate stories.

Trailer Credits: Warner Bros.

4. Insidious 3.
A very well known fact among Horror Movie Geeks is “If you try to contact someone dead, you are more likely to contact someone evil”. The story is about a young girl whose Mom has passed away and the disaster that occurs after she tries contacting her. Although it’s the usual score, this movie is really great in creating a bit of pity and then pure terror. There are great scenes throughout the movie until you start to think that things can’t get any worse and then comes the great Climax.
The movie features Alice from before the times of Insidious 1 although there is no other link to Insidious 1 & 2.

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5. Lights Out.

Lights Out, takes into consideration Mankind’s Terror: Darkness.
There is an evolutionary fear of the dark among all people and the movies has beautifully made it 10 times worse. The movie mostly revolves around a small boy and his elder sister. The best part of the movie is an insight into the boy’s mind. He is the bravest figure in the movie but there are a few times when he is scared and dependent on others and those are really terrifying. The central theme that, if you turn off the lights, you are in trouble really gets to you.

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6. Annabelle.
Annabelle is yet another movie that uses a long held fear of Dolls. Dolls have been used in rituals since thousands of years and there is a sub-conscious mysticism and scariness associated with them.
And undoubtedly the most famous doll of them all is Annabelle.
Annabelle starts off with an about to be Mom & Dad whose neighbors are killed by their own daughter and her boyfriend as a part of some Satanic Ritual. The Daughter’s blood falls on the Doll and then all hell breaks lose.
The movie has a great atmosphere, many jump scenes and also a awesome story.

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7. The Taking of Deborah Logan.
Everyone hates to see weak people getting victimized. But even more everyone fears a frail, old lady being a conduit of Evil. And that’s what The Taking Of Deborah Logan offers.
It starts of with odd irregularities and stuff but later it hypes up to really good horror.
There are a few scenes that make you squirm. The movie features a documentary crew documenting a old Alzheimer Patient and her daughter. The old lady, Deborah gets possessed and well… No Spoilers!

Trailer Credits: Horror Addict.

8. The Visit.
If you are meeting your Grandparents for the first time in your life, how can you be sure that they really are what they claim? The answer is ” Watch ‘The Visit’ “. There are hints right from the beginning and you start to suspect something. The Big Reveal: You suspected right!
The slowly building tension, a few hints and a few jump scenes make this a good movie.

Bad Thing: There is an unnecessary side story. I agree that they needed it a bit of it keep the main story in line but they have extended it a bit too much.

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9. Insidious 1 & 2.
These are not pure horror like the rest of them but still good. There is a good solid story. A few jump scenes, a few periods of tense and scary atmosphere but rest of the time the atmosphere is not that effective. Of them Insidious 2 is the better one and has a good tense atmosphere as compared to the first one. They may not be the best but they both are a must watch.


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Insidious: Chapter 2.

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10. Exorcist: The Complete Horror Anthology.
If you have been searching for Horror movies, you must have come across the Exorcist before. Usually most lists put it at the Number One slot but believe me, it doesn’t do justice to your expectations. At the time of it’s release, undoubtedly it was the best Horror Movie but now with improved Graphics and all it just doesn’t compete.
Another reason for keeping it the last in the list is that after you have watched all the movies mentioned above you will really appreciate The Exorcist.
Jump Scenes and stuff is one thing but a great solid story, good actors, good acting gives a very great experience.
The complete series comprising of 5 Movies does justice to this genre.
The story hooks you up as romantically as a Novel and that’s the best part about it.

Note: Exorcist 4 & 5 are the same story only created by different directors. Of them, Exorcist 4 is the better one. Do watch it first but don’t ignore Exorcist 5.

Other Notable Mentions:

1. The Dead Room.
2. The Haunting in Connecticut 1&2.
3. The Blair Witch Project.
4. The Amityville Series.
5. Don’t Breathe.

Good and Bad are relative terms and your liking might be different than mine. But I am willing to bet that your favorite horror movie will be from this list. Ready to take me on, on that one?

Note: Please DO NOT watch as many Horror Movies as I have, you stop liking them after that.



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