How To Avoid Getting Hacked on Facebook

Hacking is a word that has become a everyday thing in this century. All the time we kept hearing stuff like Bank Accounts hacked, Emails hacked and the most common of them all, Facebook Hacked.

But you need not worry, as easy as hacking is, avoiding getting hacked is easier.

Facebook is hacked by three main ways. (Don’t get your hopes high, I am not going to explain them in detail.). Defending yourself from all of them is quite easy although the method is different for each one.

1] How to avoid getting ‘Phished’: The commonest way of hacking a Facebook account is by mounting an ‘Phishing’ attack. As the name suggests this attack involves baiting and tricking users into feeding their passwords into pages that resemble FB but aren’t the real ones.
Defending against such an attack requires only common sense. Read the url bar of your browser very carefully. It should only have these urls.: <>, <>, <>. It should not contain ‘.php’ or any other words like ‘campaign’, ‘offer’ etc.

How to check whether you have landed on a phishing page or not?
It’s simple. Make it a habit to always put wrong log in details at the first time. If they are accepted, it’s a phishing page. If not then you are fine.

Note: An advance Facebook Phishing Hack also involves the creation of a fake Facebook App. It promises you stuff like low consumption etc. DO NOT fall for it. Facebook has two main Apps, the usual one and another known as Facebook Lite for lower data, storage and power use.

2] Always keep an antivirus and anti-spy software on all your devices. You can find many free solutions out there. The best are Kaspersky and McAfee. This will protect you from Keylogging Softwares.

Facebook has a feature that allows you to access your account if you do not remember your password and also do not have access to your email/phone. It involves sending a code to three of you friends. If you get all the pieces, you can then proceed to log in. You can either pre-select those friends or Facebook randomly chooses them. But the random is not so random and people related to you or living in the same place or going to the same study/work place as you are preferred.

So you need to do this:
a) It’s better to pre-select your trusted friends.
To do that, go to Settings >>> Security Settings >>> Trusted Contacts.
b) If you haven’t, be very careful while accepting friend requests from people who have the same Surname as you or Same Hometown or Same Study/Work Place. Always verify the identity of such people. It’s safer to accept the friend request of a stranger in Timbuktu than accepting that of a stranger from your Hometown.

4] Enable Two Factor Authentication on Facebook. Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t offer Phone Based Two Factor Authentication but you can set it up using Google Authenticiator ¬†or Authy.
Authy is the proffered one. Read their tutorial on their website.

5] Secure your email. Your email is usually where the hackers get you. Have a strong password and also enable Two Step Authentication for your email.

As a final note, I would like to say that Hacking and avoiding getting hacked is just a battle of brains. You have to have more common sense and wisdom than the hacker and you will be safe!

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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