How To Change Your DNS To A Better Option.

DNS, that is Domain Name System is basically a translator that translates Machine Identities comprising of numbers (IP Addresses) to Human Readable and Understandable Text that is the Domain Name of the Website.

This system is usually provided by your Internet Service Provider.

As a result, one of the reason why your internet is slow can be the speed of your ISP. If you are using a large ISP, that shouldn’t be the problem but if you are using a small ISP or an ISP in developing countries, that is often an issue.

But there is a very easy and free solution to it. Many companies provide free DNS with the most prominent of them being Google and OpenDNS.

If you use their DNS, your internet traffic’s interpretation is handled by their servers which being massively capable boost up your Internet Speed.

Besides that there is an added advantage of staying secure even if your DNS leaks while using an VPN.

So Here’s How:

  1. Go to your Control Panel.
  2. Go to Network and Internet. >>> Network and Sharing Center. >>> Change Adapter Settings.
  3. To change the settings for an Ethernet connection, right-click Local Area Connection >>> Properties.
    To change the settings for a wireless connection, right-click Wireless Network Connection >>> Properties.
  4. Enter Administrator Password if asked.
  5. Select the Networking tab.
  6. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) or Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and then click Properties.
  7. Click Advanced and select the DNS tab. Note down the existing DNS and IPs then remove them.
  8. A message board will appear, click on OK.
  9. Select ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’.
    If there are any IP addresses listed in the Preferred DNS server or Alternate DNS server, write them down for future reference.
  10. Replace those addresses Google’s DNS.
    • Preferred:
    • Alternate: Replace those IP addresses with Open DNS’s DNS.
    • Preferred:
    • Alternate: Replace those addresses with that of Comodo Secure DNS
    • Preferred:
    • Alternate:
  11. Select OK, and you are done.

If you mess up then don’t worry, just follow the steps again. Suppose you want to revert back to your original DNS, the follow the steps and type in your noted down, done!

Hope you get a Boost to your Internet Speed 🙂 !!

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