How To Create a Fake Facebook Profile

Facebook has got thousands of fake profiles although they are constantly getting deleted and removed. Creating a Facebook profile that actually remains and is credible is a challenge.

But we know that a lot of people use Fake Facebook Profiles for genuinely great work and so I am going to tell you how to create credible fake Facebook profiles.

1] Create a completely new email account. If anonymity is not a concern then chose any provider. If you want to stay anonymous then a Mail or Yandex account created while using a VPN is a really good option. If you want the best, go for Protonmail. Please read my article on How to chose Email Provider.

2] After you have an email account, you need a name.
Use Fake Identity Generator to create a fake identity complete with an address, mother’s name, car model etc. [It’s just a software that puts a bunch of information together for a fake identity.].

3] Download public domain images of models etc. from Pixabay or Flickr.

4] Create a Facebook account using that information. As an added measure also create an account for your Fake Identity’s mother or father etc.

Having a profile with credible sounding information, real images and a family member will avoid suspicion from both Facebook and your targets.

Please use this information for doing something fruitful and good. Do not misuse this.

Note: This article is for educational purposes only.

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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