How To Get Accurate Country Information & Statistics

Correct Political Information backed by Statistics is the end game in any discussion, argument or debate.

No one can deny facts and statistics is irrefutable.

Not only that, knowing accurate information prevents you from falling in to hoaxes, viral messages etc.

Unfortunately, facts are very hard to find and often repeated facts eventually become synonymous with the truth.

But thanks to the efforts of a few remarkable organisations, proper facts and statistics is now just a fingertip away.

I’ll cover some of the best way to obtain that.

  1. U.N. Country Stats.


Undoubtedly the best repository of all information is the United Nations. All but a few countries in the world are a part of the U.N and they need to submit true reports to the U.N.

And that makes it the world’s largest treasure trove of information.

Earlier it was quite difficult to access but now, thanks to digitization and the advent of the Smart Age, that information can be accessed right from your Smartphones.

The App is of hardly a few MBs and provides information and statistics covering Economic, Social, Trade as well as Environmental Indicators.

It is a native App and requires no internet Access once installed.

1) Upon opening the App you see a scroll down of Countries and a Search Bar.

2) Then, when you select the country of your choice, you get a list of sections.

3) Each section is clickable and has further categories in them. Information regarding each category is displayed right there..

Another way of accessing that information is through it’s official website: UN Data.  

2. CIA World Fact-book.
CIA is arguably the most famous Intelligence Agency in the world, portrayed in thousands of books and movies.
Apart from the popularity, the CIA is also known for it’s immense intelligence capabilities and resources.
What could be a better source for information than such an organisation!?

The CIA has a section on it’s website titled World Fact-book which has country stats and other information about almost all countries and territories in the world.
The information is properly organised and easily accessible.

View it here: CIA World Fact-Book.

3. NationMaster.
NationMaster is a website providing thorough information, statistics and even comparisons about 305 Countries organised into over 5000 Categories.
The only drawback is that it isn’t an official repository or source.
But for the most part, sources are provided and the information is fairly accurate.

Visit NationMaster.

Apart from that if you need very thorough information about a country, you can even try visiting their Government’s Website.

I hope that this information would prove useful for you, make you more knowledgeable and help you to hold your ground in any discussion or debate.

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