How To Secure Your VPN Connection

VPN, Virtual Private Network, is a huge savior in this world of enforced censorship and privacy crisis. VPN anonymises and encrypts your connection protecting you from snoopers and hackers.

Using VPN has become common knowledge now but not many people are aware of ways to ensure that your VPN connection is indeed Private and to make your VPN connection even more secure.

So here’s how:

First we will cover how to ensure that your VPN is indeed encrypting your traffic and anonymising your connection.

The first step is finding out what your IP Address is.

To find that out, just go to Google Search and search ‘What’s my IP’.
This will show your IP along with a few links to websites like, etc. click on any of them.
It will show you information of your IP like it’s location, status etc.
This will tell you that your VPN is proxying you as intended.

The next step is ensuring that your DNS that is Domain Naming System is not leaking. The DNS is assigned by your Internet Service Provider so if someone knows your DNS, they know your ISP and thus your approximate location.

When you turn on your VPN, you need to visit DNS Leak Test or Do I Leak?. Of them Do I Leak is the better option. It will give you various information that will allow you to check whether your DNS is leaking or not.

But what if you could find a permanent solution to this problem?
The good new is you can.

There are two solutions, one very easy and one requiring a bit complicated configuration.
The Easy One: Download and Install WebRTC DNS Leak Prevent from the official chrome web-store here.

The other one is ‘The Best’.
You can simply change your DNS to Google’s or OpenDNS’s DNS.
The procedure is lengthy but simple.
I have covered the procedure in another article, Read it Here.

Now even if your DNS leaks, all anyone will see is a publicly usable DNS.
Thus ensuring that you remain safe.

These should provide your VPN connection enough security for most needs but if you are looking for extreme security, read my article on How to Set Up a VPN within a VPN.

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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