How to solve System Volume Information & $RECYCLE.BIN issue?


I have explained the issue and it’s causes a bit and it is followed by how to solve it. You can directly scroll down to the last part if you want.

Every computer user, sometime or the other has faced or at least seen two folders in every drive and folder, one is the System Volume Information folder and other is the $RECYCLE.BIN. People think that this is the most common virus since this issue is seen in a lot of computers.


More often than not, this issue is not caused by a Virus.
Second thin this issue is COMPLETELY HARMLESS. It won’t affect your system and neither will it compromise your privacy.

The first thing you should know is that these folders have not been created. They have always been present in your system. They have just become visible.
These folders are a part of the category of files known as Protected Operating System Files (POS Files). These are vital for the running of the operating system and that’s why they can never be deleted even by using the best Shredders available.
By default, Windows keeps these files hidden for better protection of the System. But sometimes certain software, usually file access software may edit the view settings and make these files visible. This may also be caused by an virus but it’s an side-effect of the virus and not an attack. Tracing which software caused  this is both futile and unnecessary so don’t bother. Just hide those files again and rest assured.

Read on for how to re-hide those files.

Step 1) Open This PC/My Computer/Computer.

Step 2) In the top left corner, you will see three menus, | File | Computer | View. |
Click on View.SVI1

Clicking on view, will open a drop down ribbon.

Step 3) The right most menu in the ribbon is |Options|. Click on the small arrow.SVI2


Clicking on Options will give you two or more options. One of them will be |Change Folder and Search Option|.

Step 4) Click on the |Change Folder and Search Options|.


This will open a window titled .Folder Options.


Step 5) In that window, you will see three tabs. |General | View | Search|. Click on |View|
On the View tab, there will be a box entitled |Advanced Settings|

Step 6) In the Advanced Settings, scroll down till you find a check-box saying |Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)|. Check the box, that is place a tick in the box.

SVI5Step 7) Select Apply and the OK and then close the window.

Done! The issue has been solved.

Glad to help you.
If you are facing any trouble in following the instructions, feel free to ask!

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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