How To Use Tweet-Deck As A Powerful News Reader & Content Generator. [For Journalists & Researchers]

Tweet-Deck is a powerful multi-account social media dashboard which utilizes Twitter’s API to create a customized Tweet Reader as well as a posting platform.

It was originally created by Iain Dodsworth as Third-Party Twitter App in 2008 and was later take over by Twitter Inc. Although it’s not available as an independent App on Android Phones we will show you how to to come quite close to a dedicated App Experience.

But first of all, take a look at the Desktop based Tweet-Deck interface:

The columns extend to the right & the column content extends downwards.

You can add columns of various topics, like your activity, messages, list, a particular user etc.
Here’s all you can add:

FYI: The previous screenshot had columns of Lists.

So what can you do with this?

Are you a journalist, writer, researcher?
Do you need to monitor several users / lists etc. from several different accounts?
Do you wish to have a real time News Desk?

If yes, then Tweet Deck is perfect for you!

Here’s how you can use Tweet Deck optimally on all devices:

1] Links:

Official Website
Chrome Web App
iOS App
Portable App
Android: N/A, But don’t worry, we can have a near similar experience, read on for ‘How’.

2] How To?:
Tweet Deck is quite easy enough to configure. You can open it on any preferred device and sign in with your existing twitter account or create a new one. [For Journalists we recommend that you use a different account for all content gathering.].

After that you will be taken to the default interface which has stuff like Activity, Messages, Notifications etc. You can delete all of them and configure your own dashboard.

To the left you will see the following options:

Click on the add column to create your column, you can later reorder them, delete them etc.

If you are doing content gathering / research then most probably you will add user accounts & lists.

Don’t know how to use lists? Don’t worry we have a great article on that for you!

So, click on the plus symbol and in the pop-up select LISTS, then you will have an option to either chose an existing list or create a new one.

As you can see, we have lists of trustworthy news sites in prominent countries. You add as many users you want in the list.
NOTE: If you do not follow a user, you can still add him/her to a list. That way the user doesn’t know that you are tracking their activity.

Want to try our News Desk?
Go to Tweet Deck.
And, use the following credentials:

Log In Id:
Password: <Bs0-11235>
Note: The < & > are a part of the password.

Please Use It Judiciously!

Now let’s move on to Android.
There is no official Twitter App for Android.
But Twitter does have a Chrome App and all Chrome Apps can be used as Independent Apps on Android.

Here’s How To Do That:

1] Install Google Chrome, if it is your primary browser and you frequently clear the browsing history, cookies etc. then Install Google Chrome (Beta).

2] Open Chrome / Chrome Beta and go to
Then sign in with your credentials.

3] Click on the three dots in the right top corner, then in the menu that appears select ‘Add To Home Screen’.

4] Another pop up will appear, select Add.

5] Close all open apps and then open the tweet deck icon on the home screen.

Done! You will notice that it acts like an independent App and not like a regular chrome shortcut, you can even use it and chrome simultaneously.

Tweet Deck, Chrome (Beta) & Chrome all running simultaneously.

Fun Fact: Even normal Twitter acts the same way, go to and follow the same steps, you will see an app called Twitter Lite. 

Tweet Deck will completely change your Twitter Experience and increase your productivity several times. It’s so powerful that if used the right way it can compete formal news desks.

If you create some custom Tweet Deck Dashboards for specific purposes, do share them in the comments. Our readers will love to see them!

Do you need some personalized help in creating dashboards for specific topics? Feel free to contact us!

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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