How to Watch ASCII version of Star Wars on any PC

Remember Star Wars?
The awesome Science Fiction show, you so used to love.

Now how about I tell you that you can watch an ASCII version (Made of only text characters) of it, right on your PC?

Here’s how:

Firstly, you will need Telnet enabled on your system. If you are using earlier versions of Windows, it is already done.
For the later versions,
First of all go to the Control Panel.
Then, click on Programs.
Under the Programs and Features heading, you will see an option, Turn Windows Features On or Off. Click on it.
It will tell you to wait, so wait.
Then, scroll down and find Telnet Client.
[Note: There is no need to enable Telnet Server]
Place a tick in the box to it’s left.
Then select OK.
Then just follow the instructions if any.
Windows will take it’s time in enabling Telnet, so be patient.

After it has been enabled, hit Windows Key + S. This will open the regular search box. Type Telnet and double click on the Telnet.exe file that shows up.
This will open up a Comman Prompt similar window.

Type o and hit Enter.
Then type and hit Enter.

Now, lay back and enjoy an ASCII version of Star Wars!


Turn off Telnet after use by following the earlier procedure if you want.

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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