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Hello viewers,
These days we hear a lot about cyber crimes, scams, cyber bullying and basically everything that you read about in the newspaper daily.
I am sure you take care while surfing the web and using social media, but what if instead of you, you could let your Browser take care?
Pretty cool huh?
Hang on for the ‘How to’s’.

First of all, as you know, your Browser is your largest gateway to the internet and that means that it is also the best way for cyber criminals to reach you.
So obviously, choosing your Browser is very important.
Based on popularity, I have decided to cover only Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
Other browsers with exception of the Tor Browser, I pretty much consider riff raff.

The main difference and the most important as well is that Firefox is open source while Chrome is not. That basically means that it’s source code has been reviewed by millions of people while Google’s is not even known.
To give an analogy, Firefox is a man without secrets while Chrome is shrouded behind a veil of secrecy.
In the words of a colleague, Firefox is like a small bank on top of a sturdy rock solid underground vault while Chrome is a lot more flashy bank but relatively less secure.
As said, Chrome has an incomparable user interface. It’s a lot more easy and comfortable to use than Firefox. Adding appropriate extensions can secure Chrome but there is a limit.

So basically, I will say that if you are just a casual net user, Chrome will be a lot friendly to use. But if you are delving into the nooks and corners of the Internet, it will be a lot more safe to use Firefox. Maybe you can blend in the two and use Chrome for casual stuff and use Firefox for Internet Banking and Online Transactions.

Even if you use either of the Browsers, you are still pretty unprotected without some Must Have Extensions.
These work for both Firefox as well as Chrome. Besides that they are completely free.

You must have heard about HTTP and HTTPS, these form the start of your every url.
The difference is that HTTPS means that your connection with the website is protected by end to end encryption. You might have been told to use only ‘HTTPS’ sites.

But here, I will tell about an extension which automatically forces any website to use HTTPS as long as the website has a valid SSL Certificate. Even if you type an HTTP link, it will force a Secured Connection.
The extension is: HTTPS Everywhere.
Get it here: Chrome Extension , Firefox Extension.
Note: HTTPS Everywhere has been built by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organisation dedicated to maintaining the Cyber Integrity and Liberty.

Second is equally important since this blocks unwanted advertisements as well as to an extent block tracking attempts. Many adblockers  either accept payment (read Bribe) to allow advertisements of certain companies to come through or else sell tracking data to third part companies. But uBlock Origin is unique in the strength of it’s software, as well as it’s honesty.
Get it here: Chrome Extension , Firefox Extension.
Note: uBlock Origin and uBlock are different. uBlock Origin comes highly recommended while uBlock is just like other adblockers. Foloow through to uBlock Origin via our site to be assured of landing at the proper page.

Joining our list is another Privacy Extension which prevents online tracking.
Privacy Badger is one of it’s kind since it learns as we use it. Initially some other extensions like Ghostery, Disconnect et cetra may seem better than it but as you continue using it, it matures into a robust Privacy Defender. Cute isn’t generally associated with the Cyber World, but this Badger is smart, cute and a total badass.
Get it here: Chrome Extension , Firefox Extension.
Note: Privacy Badger has been built by the Electronic Frontier Foundation as well.

The last and arguably the best extension on our list is the Web of Trust [WOT].
Web of Trust, as the name suggest is based on trust. It’s entire resources are built by user reviews. Once enabled, you will see a circle next to each link in your search results. The color of the circle marks it’s safety level based on the categories of Trustworthiness and Child Safety. It’s such an useful extension that you will fall in love with it. Just the other day, it warned me from entering a freelancing website that seemed like an ‘.in’ domain for a popular freelancing website.
Get it here: Chrome Extension , Firefox Extension.
Note: Please be a contributor to WOT as well, that will help make WOT even more amazing.

Besides the above mentioned Extensions, you should also consider an anti-virus that provides you with Live-Internet Security. Or else you can use the free McAfee extension  or McAfee Site Adviser (Free) for a limited protection

Using these extensions will keep you safe to a degree but you should always be alert and careful. Cyber Criminals exploit your trust and that’s the last thing you should offer in the Cyber World.

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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