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WhatsApp is the most popular Chat Application in the world (except China which uses We Chat). People spend hours, messaging each other most of which is private. Earlier there were concerns about the possibility of MITM (Man in the middle) attacks, which forced WhatsApp to roll in the End To End Encryption.

In End To End Encryption, your data is encrypted on your device and then sent to the receiver. The data can only be decrypted on the receiver’s device. This way even WhatsApp doesn’t know the content of the data. Or so they say.

The fact remains that Internet Services Providers are known to install back-doors, develop exploits etc which can allow Intelligence Agencies to access any data. The government forces these companies to remain silent about it. WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook and as revealed by Edward Snowden, Facebook does install Back-door on the instructions of the US Government.

That means, We Can Not Trust WhatsApp’s End To End Encryption.

But don’t worry. there is a just as powerful messaging application known as Signal.

Signal is a Free & Open Source (FOSS) software extensively tested for exploits & back-doors.

Signal also supports inbuilt App-Lock, VOIP Caliing, VOIP with Proxy along with regular WhatsApp like features. It supports Group Chats, Broadcasts etc. There are also a few additional features like, ability to send a normal SMS from within the App and it also blocks anyone from taking a screenshot of a chat.

The only place where it falls short of WhatsApp is keeping Profile Pictures and Statuses but seriously is that even a priority?

Signal is developed by Open Whisper Systems and several people have contributed to it’s source code. It is available for all Operating Systems, although like WhatsApp you must have it on your smartphone. Signal is a must if you prize your privacy and wish to prevent Intelligence Services from reading your personal data like a google search.

Start using Signal, convince your friends & family to switch to Signal too and you would have played a pert in defending the Civil Liberties of the world’s citizens.

Download Links:
1] Android Playstore
2] iOS Appstore

Official Website: Open Whisper Systems.

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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