Terrorists can’t destroy our Scientific Spirit! – Students at the Syrian Science Olympiad

The Syrian Science Olympiad is an annual event conducted to felicitate true geniuses in the broad fields of Science. Even in 2016-17 a year marked by escalation of the Civil Conflicts in Syria, these events proceeded like every year. The final rounds were held on 22nd January and the winners were felicitated at a gala carnival by Ms. Asma al-Assad, the First Lady of the Syrian Arab Republic.


Centre: Ms. Asma al-Assad, the First Lady of the Syrian Arab Republic, interacting with the winners of the final round of Syrian Science Olympiad.

The selection rounds began in October, 2016 and 312 finalists were selected on 1st December.The selection rounds were held locally while the finals were conducted in Damascus.
The Olympiad was conducted on the subjects of Biology, Information Technology, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

The Top Ten students in all sections will represent Syria in the International Science Olympiad.

These events were a huge success both for developing the scientific attitudes of children for whom guns and mortar shell are more familiar and most importantly for providing hope and a sense of community to the people.

Children from all parts of this war torn country participated in the competitions with dedication and enthusiasm and proved that their spirit can never be broken.

Such events are a key to bringing a sense of normality to people living in place surrounded by constant conflict and violence. This gives them a purpose that their children are the future of the country and the world and they must be protected and above all educated.

Besides the students, credits are also due to the Syrian Ministry of Education, National Commission for Syrian Science Olympiad and the Revolutionary Youth Union who organised the events and also ensured a safe and smooth running.

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