The Hypocrisy In Transwomen Beauty Pageants

Please do not address them as ‘Miss TG’. Miss TG is an incorrect term to describe the selection of one transwoman purely based on her cosmetic appearance and ability to pass as a biological female. Anyone who has traveled to at least two countries across the world would know that a single transwoman can never represent the billions of transwomen around the world, who come in all sizes, shapes, colors, ethnicity, nationality and physical appearance.

The world is the land of diversity. There is no one defining element that can be taken separately from the land  and projected as the representative of other transwomen’s identities. That is why we have the concept of unity in diversity. This ‘unity in diversity’ applies to the physical appearance of our transwomen too. The outcome of a reality show type contest held to find so called good looking T-girls cannot be taken as the representative woman of every other transwoman, most of whom don’t resemble any of the Miss TG contestants.

These Miss TG are celebrated purely because they fit into a narrow concept of beauty – a cisnormative and transphobic concept that is being imposed on all the transwomen.

Will we ever see a day when a dark skinned transwoman or a non-operative transwoman get declared as Miss TG  ?  All these organizers would say that they are respecting transwomen and would preach trans rights but they are promoting social destruction by telling our teenagers and young adults that if they do not pass as female, they are not beautiful.
I don’t prefer a transwoman chosen along these lines to represent my fellow trans citizens to the rest of the world. My ‘Miss TG’ is out there sitting before her mirror and wondering whether her black face and plump body doesn’t suit the “standards” of beauty, falsely promoted as “standards”.

If we try to seek a cirnormative comfort in transwomen’s outlook, we already have marginalized a lot of our sisters behind, for just because they wish to stay in their natural look.

Some trans people use hormones in order to look as the way they feel, & some go under Sex Reassignment Surgery. But not all trans people want it. Many are quite comfortable in their body. But trans people also get to cis-normative beauty. Trans people who prefer not to bring changes in their body, & live as the gender they feel, are highly stigmatized. Why should transgender beauty be defined cisnormative way???

What I have to say is, “Society usually don’t accept transwomen. And when they do, they try to fit us in cisnormative rules. When they see transwomen in their natural phase, they squeeze their cheeks and show a rotten face. Yes a lot of transwomen take hormones by their wish or inner feeling, but many transwomen use hormones, go permanent beard removing, just to “fit” in society. And again people tell us when you be a woman, you have to be fully woman. Sorry I am a transwoman. I am what I am. I don’t have to do surgeries and construct a vagina. I don’t have to transplant an ovary. I don’t have to be pregnent. I am not meant for it. It is my penis. I want to keep this. I don’t got to remove this to “fit” in society. I am glad with my ID cards mention my gender as “Other”. I don’t have to put babies 9 month in my belly. I am not meant for natural reproduction. That’s not a “shame”, not a “pride”, it is the reality.”

Beauty of transwomen come in all shape, sizes and physical appearances, regardless of their ability to pass as a biological female.

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Author: Rukshana Newa

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