The Netflix Of Books! Cheaper Than Ever Before!

Netflix is a service that has revolutionized Television As we Know It. It has almost rendered traditional Satellite Television obsolete and only the sky is the limit.


What if there is such a service, built specifically for avid readers and is cheaper than you can ever imagine!?

Yeah, A Novel Connection is one such service which charges only $ 1.9 per month and offers a huge trove of eBooks from virtually all possible genres!

Catch? None!! There isn’t even a restriction on the number of downloads!

If you sign up right now, you will get 3 Months Subscription for Free and a few lucky subscribers will win a Lifetime Membership!!

Although, there are several similar services like Kindle Unlimited, Scribd, BookLender etc. but all of them are way more costlier than A Novel Connection.

Sure, Kindle Unlimited offers more than a million books but still we are restricted by our own physical reading capacity, right?
On the other hand, A Novel Connection offers a healthy variety just enough to spoil us for choice but not so much that a target of reading all available eBooks is not vastly un-achievable.

Besides the service offered for readers, it also offers an amazing option for upcoming and Indie Authors to publish their content in a friendly, encouraging environment without having to face the stiff competition of millions of authors!

Authors Click Here!

Readership is the most vital factor to kick-start any author’s career and that is offered by A Novel Connection for a very small price!

Besides usual novels and stuff, there is also a dedicated area for Kids which is great for parents!

Although the service has not been formally launched yet, it definitely shows great promise and perks for those who register early.
Avid readers like myself are constantly looking for new content to read and would definitely be willing to buck up for such an awesome service!

Do register as soon as possible: Pre-Register for A Novel Connection!!


Author: Rohan Dandavate

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