The Real Face Of Justice

This past week has seen violent riots taking place in France as a reaction to violent treatment and rape of a French National by the police.

Police brutality and it’s cover up is an unfortunate and largely ignored problem in all countries. Elected officials ignore it and at times use the police for their own improper purposes.

Recently I got an opportunity to talk with a person who has faced brutality from the police and his democratic right to protest has been seized away from him.

Here’s his story:

J. Derrick Unger is a honest law abiding citizen who witnessed mistreatment of a man by officers of the Kearns substation of the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake.
As was his responsibility he complained about the happenings and in return on 5th of May, 2015 he was remanded into Police Custody. He says that his family was falsely told that he possessed Crystal Meth.  As if that wasn’t enough, he was denied Vegetarian Food in Jail and thus had to undergo starvation.

Later after he was released, he attempted to share his ordeal as well as protest by posting on the Official Facebook Page of the Kearns PD. To suppress his attempts, the PD blocked him on Facebook thus snatching away is fundamental right to protest.

Later, on 20th October, in a clear attempt to intimidate him, Officer Kettenring of the the K.U.P.D along with a few other policemen entered his house without a warrant and ‘forced him to crouch on his knees and put a gun to his head’. He was again taken to the Salt Lake City Jail.

But this time he had a one-up over the police, he had video evidence of the Police Brutality and in November he tried to take it up to the FBI he was also planning to give testimony about total ignoring by the Mayor of SLC, Jackie Biskupski as well as the Governor of Utah, Gary Herbert. In the middle of his interaction, the FBI agent received a phone call and refused to either hear his statement or take in the evidence.

All his attempts to contact the Office of Police Oversight were completely fruitless and he was denied all ways of obtaining justice.

After that he took up an independent campaign on Facebook by repeatedly posting about his ordeal in comments on posts by the Mayor of SLC, the Governor of Utah and the Unified P.D of SLC.

But this campaign came to an shattering end when the Governor of Utah, Gary Herbert as well as the Unified P.D of SLC blocked him on Facebook in a direct violation of his fundamental, democratic Human Rights.

This is the unfortunate, real face of justice. Bullies who use force to cover up their own misconduct and are sheltered by the more powerful bullies (Elected Officials).

A world, where those whose job is to deliver justice are using their authority to promote injustice is a sorely unfair one.

Authority and Power is not a privilege, it is a grave responsibility and those in power need to realize this.

If you are reading this article, it is Derrick’s request that YOU share this article on the pages of the P.Ds, the Mayor as well as the Governor.


Disclaimer: The sole source of this article is a conversation with Derrick and due to unavailability, the information could not be verified by any other source or records. If locals journalists have access to any other sources they are requested to verify this report. I do not claim responsibility for the authenticity of this information.

J. Derrick Unger, Contact Info: Facebook.

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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