Unit-731 & Unit-100 But Were They The True Horror?

Unit 731 and Unit 100, two military units of the Imperial Japanese Army have secured a cult status among people from all backgrounds. Some are fascinated, some are appalled while some are downright grossed out.


Both these units of the Kwantung Army had only one task.
Carry out illegal covert experiments on Humans in search for Biological Weapons.

The experiments were atrocious in nature and over 3,000 people died as a result.
The experiments involved effect of drugs, microbes, tolerance to pain, operations without anesthesia and even went as far as forced pregnancy (via mass rape) to carry out experiments on pregnant women as well as fetuses.

Here are a few images of the Unit-731 on Pinterest. (I do not own the images.): Images.

But that is not the point of this article.

They carried out horrible, evil experiments. Period.
They members of Unit 731 & Unit 100 should have been harshly punished. Period.

But the fact is, they were allowed to go, Scot Free.

Don’t be. This how things actually happen in the world.

As for who let them out, that is the surprise.

The U.S Government, the so called defender of Liberty granted immunity to the Doctors and Personnel involved in exchange of the information and results of the experiments carried out by them.

This is not only a perversion of justice but also horrible, underhand and unethical move by the U.S Government. Another snippet of fact is that the information obtained was not shared with any other ally.

So much suppression of Truth was enforced that the only account from one of the prisoners (A British Officer had maintained a secret diary.) is locked away in an U.S Archive and only it’s extract is publicly view-able.

If the information had been shared openly and handed over to academics then maybe it would’t have been such a horrible crime. But the way things were done, the secret information passed from one Government to another and the public has no way of knowing what type of research was done and what kind of Biological Weaponry does the world’s strongest army posses.

So, now I repeat the question posed in the title.

What is the true horror?
That these Units did these sick experiments?
Or that those sick experimenters were granted immunity and went on to live normal, public lives for the sake of acquiring the information from those experiments?


Author: Rohan Dandavate

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