USB 3.0 v/s USB 2.0 : Quick Review!

Pen Drives have become an totally irreplaceable part of computing life…

Right from colleges to offices to armies, pen drives play a key role in easily transferring data in large quantities.
Check the pockets of ten people and half will have a pen drive in their pockets.

But there was a time when a Pen Drive was a rare commodity. The storage capacity  was small and the cost was high. But within a few years, storage space shot up and prices spiraled down and 64 GB Pen Drives became cheaper than 2 GB ones. Check out really cheap pen drives here

This led to a massive production of USB Drives which led to a continuous decrease in cost.

What is USB?
USB stands for Universal Standard Bus which is a Universal Standard for cables, connectors etc. which comprise a bus for data transfer.

As a result most people missed out the launch of USB 3.0 which was released way back in 2008.

In technological chronology, it has become ancient, in fact USB  3.1 has already been released in 2014 but we are still using USB 2.0.

Well, USB 2.0 are cheap and having been over produced, all sellers are trying to sell USB 2.0.

So, what are the advantages of USB 3.0 over USB 2.0?
We have prepared a quick Summary.

Transfer Speed: USB 3.0 has a maximum Transfer speed of 5 GB/second while USB 2.0 has a transfer speed of only 480 MB/second. So, it’s about 8 times faster than USB 2.0.

Two Way Support: USB 3.0 can be used for simultaneous both ways transfer while USB 2.0 works only one way. So with USB 3.0 you can transfer data to your computer and at the same time receive data from your computer. Huge Time Saver right?

Usability: USB 3.0 Drives can be used via both USB 2.0 as well as USB 3.0 ports while USB 2.0 devices though supposed to work with USB 3.0 ports often give trouble.

All that said, USB 3.0 though not yet a necessity is still a largely time saving and power saving device which though cheaper is a worthwhile purchase.

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