Use of Curcumin in Cancer Treatment

Since the very start of Human civilization there is one disease that has hounded us again and again in various forms and strengths. Often misunderstood as abnormal growth, tumor etc., Cancer claimed thousands and thousands of victims before it was medically understood and treatments were developed.

Even today, Cancer is one of the worst life threatening diseases and not easily treatable. Treatment of Cancer is often very painful, lengthy and cumbersome. Patients have to face many problems and even humiliation due to this horrifying disease.

Cancer is caused when the normal life cycle of cells is disrupted and they start proliferation at a massive rate. It starts with a single organ and eventually spreads to other places. These unnecessary cells are parasitic, consuming large quantities of resources and thus hindering the Body’s normal functionality. Usual treatment includes Chemotherapy to inhibit growth of cancerous cells and Radiation based therapy to destroy Cancerous cells.

But these days, like most other things, research is being done into alternative medication and treatment and one such substance that shows promise is Curcumin.

Curcumin, as you might know is a substance found in Turmeric. Turmeric  has been traditionally used as a condiment in India and Indonesia since a few thousand years. Besides that medicinal benefits of Curcumin has been common knowledge in these countries since a long long time.

Curcumin has been used as an antiseptic for applying to wounds, scars etc. Besides it is known to settle problems of the gastrointestinal system. Turmeric also improves general immunity and this health.

Since a past few years a lot of research is being done about innovative applications of Turmeric to the medicinal field. Right from using turmeric in treatment of skin infections to treatment of arthritis, bone marrow deficiency etc. Massive potential has been spotted in Curcumin and that has planted an extraordinary Idea..

Can Turmeric be used to treat Cancer?

The answer, the wonderful breathtaking answer is Yes. There is strong research that backs the claim that turmeric can be used very effectively to not only to prevent  cancer but also to treat it.

A research conducted in the United Kingdom has shown that if Curcumin is injected to patients showing pre-cancerous development in any organ there is nearly 100% chance of complete recovery.

Early detection is a key to this process but once it is detected, Curcumin can surely prevent its proliferation and spread.

Another research has indicated that there is low rate of certain types of cancer among communities that consume more than about 200 mg of Curcumin over a long period of time.


Both these researches prove to a certain degree that Curcumin i.e Turmeric is a great natural Cancer Preventive Agent.

As far as treatment is concerned, there hasn’t been a lot of conclusive research but reports indicate that Curcumin is particularly effective in the treatment of Breast Cancer, Bowel Cancer and Colon Cancer.

Lab studies have shown that Curcumin is able to kill and prevent the growth of cancerous cells. Besides that in vitro tests proved that Curcumin in combination with Chemotherapy proved to be more effective than Chemotherapy alone.

Studies on Lab Rats too have yield positive results on the effective use of Curcumin in treating cancer.

A few clinical trials have been carried out to test Curcumin’s effectiveness in combating Bowel Cancer and all of them gave positive results.


This has shown that Curcumin will prove to be invaluable in Cancer research.


Now that we know that Curcumin is useful, both as a preventive agent and as a treatment we should see how it actually does what it does.


Curcumin prevent negative inflammation that leads to cancer by inhibiting COX-2 enzyme. Besides that, curcumin being an antioxidant facilities the enlargement of epithelial cells in certain places thus it blocks the supply of oxygen to cancerous cells hence preventing their growth.

Curcumin also prevents Metastasis that is the spread of cancer from one organ to another thus mitigating the most horrific danger of cancer. Curcumin stimulates the activation of a tumour suppressor genes as well as prevents the growth of present tumours.

Curcumin is particularly effective for Colon cancer because it’s better absorbed in the Colon than in the blood.

One of the most special thing about Curcumin is that it is able to distinguish between cancerous and noncancerous cells very accurately.


Using Curcumin is pretty simple, it just needs to be consumed regularly through any form, may it be directly or as a condiment or even as pills.

It should be noted that though Curcumin is completely safe to consume in food care must be taken while consuming as pills. Dosage should be discussed with your physician or cancer specialist and he or she must immediately be informed if you feel any stomach pain.

Another care to be taken is that many times Curcumin supplements also include other drugs in them. These must be avoided.

As said before, Cancer is a very tiring disease to face but it can actually be avoided by simple home treatment involving Turmeric. Curcumin will not only treat Cancer but will also improve the general health of the body.

The fight against Cancer has been a long one, we won’t go so far as to suggest that this will end it but surely Curcumin will be a game changer.

If you are a sufferer, we wish you luck and strength to fight it. If you are a survivor, we are proud of your courage. As for the rest of you, good luck!

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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