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Ever felt the need to know everything about something or be the first to get information from something? I am sure you have and that’s why I am going to tell you just the perfect way to do that.
Suppose you want to know every new thing happening about your favorite actor or band etc. Or if you are a journalist who wants to keep updated about every new thing happening about something, then this is simply perfect for you.

We are going to achieve that using yet another tool from Google, Google Alerts.

So here’s how Google Alerts work:
Basically Google informs you every time something related to your topic of interest pops up on the internet. Creating a Google Alert as well as using it is very very simple.

Just visit Google Alert Generator type in the topic you want in the ‘Create an alert about’ bar. You will be prompted to enter you e-mail. Do so and follow the steps.
You can configure it to receive alerts only in a particular language thus freeing you of foreign language results. And there is other tweaking possible to but for the most part, just let it be.
Then hit done and that’s it.
Your Google Alert has been made.

Now you will receive an email every time anything new about your topic is published on the internet.

Again, this is useful for researchers, students and most importantly for journalist.

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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