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Today I am going to tell you about an awesome and really simple way to get your work done faster using a free service offered by Google.
This will speed up your web searches and save a lot of your time and efforts going through unwanted stuff.
It must have happened that there are a few particular sites which you like for say downloading songs or wallpapers or journals or papers and on and on and on. But later when you search for some song, that site doesn’t show up. Using a Google CSE will solve all this.
So, here’s how:

Google offers a service known as Google Custom Search Engine. You might have seen a search bar in some websites which says Google Custom Search in it.But for the most part Google Custom Search Engine is a largely unknown tool.
Google Custom Search is basically an engine which searches only in places that you specify. It’s like searching for something you have lost, only in the room where it is most likely to be instead of searching the whole house.

Building up a custom search engine is easy easy as a-b-c.
First of all, identify the sites that you like and are interested in.
Then visit the Google Custom Search Engine Generator.
There you will be directed to sign in.
After signing in you will be asked to paste urls (Links) of the sites you are interested in.
Add as many sites as you want, there is no limit.
After you have added the sites, click on create Search Engine and done, it’s created.
After that you can tweak the settings to make the Search Engine either Public or Private.
If you made it public, you can obtain the public url which you can share with friends or colleagues.
If you keep it private, you will be able to access it anytime by signing in here .

For Website Developer: You can obtain a html code and use it on your website to have a search bar on your site which will use the Google CSE.

So, folks, uses of Google CSE are wide and amazing.
Students can use it to search their favorite Educational Websites selectively.
Journalists can use it for obtaining information from only a few selected websites and thus avoid visiting each and every website.

I have been using Google CSEs since a while and can definitely vouch that it is a huge help and a time saver.

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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