Vault 7 (WikiLeaks): What We Know Till Now

WikiLeaks is a global organisation that releases secret documents and information leaked to them by Anonymous sources. WikiLeaks believes in transparency, directness and openness but the past few days have seen them release a few cryptic tweets about something it calls ‘Vault-7’ as well as an ‘Insurance File’ which has sent the world into a frenzy.

Those who follow WikiLeaks are puzzled, intrigued and more importantly excited about these strange releases. So to quench your curiosity, here’s what is known till now in the order of publication.

Speculation about the meaning of these tweets is also given below.

1] February, 1, 2017. 
WikiLeaks released a torrent file requesting people to ‘help secure a pending WikiLeaks publication‘.
The file is encrypted and the the Passphrase will be released if an inevitable situation wherein Jullian Assange and the WikiLeaks Publication Team is compromised.
The ‘Insurance File’ can be downloaded here: Wikileaks Insurance File: 1st Feb, 2017.
To download the file you will need a Torrent Client.


2] February, 4, 2017.
WikiLeaks released a photo of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a Secure Global Seed Vault in Norway. Read about it here: Wikipedia Article.

The accompanying text said, ‘What Is Vault-7?’.


3] February, 4, 2017.
WikiLeaks released a photo of the underground Nazi Mine in Merkers, Germany which was captured by the US after the WW-II.
Read about it here: US National Archive Article.

The accompanying text said, ‘Where Is Vault-7?’.


4] February, 6, 2017.
WikiLeaks released a photo of a Pratt & Whitney F119 Engine of the  Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor an advanced Tactical Fighter Plane.
Read about it here: Wikipedia Article.

The accompanying text said, ‘When is Vault-7?’.


5] February, 7, 2017.
WikiLeaks released a photo of Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. The image is a poster created by the US D.O.J labeling them as Infamous Spies.

The accompanying text said, ‘Who is Vault-7’.


6] February, 8, 2017.
WikiLeaks released a photo from Whiteman Air-force Base, US Air force, of Staff Sgt. Adam Boyd, 509th Civil Engineer Squadron welding a Box Blade for a Snow Plow. The caption says  ‘Structures Airmen performs such jobs to save the Air Force from having to possibly spend money on parts made by civilian companies’.
View the original source of the image here: Whiteman Air-force Base, Photo Gallery.

The accompanying text says, ‘Why is Vault-7?’.


7] February, 9, 2017. (One Day after this article was originally written.)
WikiLeaks released a photo of a women putting mail in a Post Pox which was taken by the Stasi Surveillance machinery in Nazi Germany.

The accompanying text said, ‘How did Vault-7 make it’s way to WikiLeaks?’.


Will There Be Any More Such Releases?

  • My personal opinion is that since they have asked 5 of the ‘Wh Questions’ the last one, ‘How?’ is still remaining. If that is indeed true, we can expect one more such release. (This was written one day prior to the How question posed by WikiLeaks.)
  • If Vault-7 is a code word for 7 releases then we may have two more releases.


1] The Photos might be the clues to the answer of the accompanying question. It is unlikely that the answer is a direct interpretation. It’s quite likely that the clue has nothing to do with the actual details of the photos. For Example: The first photo might simply mean ‘A Large Concrete Structure’.
This interpretation suggests that Vault-7 is a Large, Underground Structure (Based on Image 1&2). But this logic doesn’t hold true for further images.

2] The Photos have no relation with each other and the clues to the answer are based on details. This might indicate:

  • Photo-1: WikiLeaks will release information about the Doomsday Plans of the Rich and Powerful People, thus answering the question ‘What are the plans?’. This has been a question associated with plenty of myths and conspiracy theories.
  • Photo-2: WikiLeaks will release information about what happened to Nazi Gold after it was captured by the Allies, thus answering the question ‘Where did the Nazi Gold end up?’.
    This question has been at the center of tremendous conspiracy theories.
  • Photo-3: WikiLeaks will release information about a planned strike or journey to some place. This doesn’t make much sense but it will probably expose information about ‘When something important/ world-changing is happening’.
  • Photo-4: WikiLeaks will release information about some of their sources who are either dead, out of danger or have consented to their identity being revealed. This will answer the long held question ‘Who?’.
  • Photo-5: WikiLeaks will release information shedding light on ‘Why’ wars and conflicts really take place, are any secretive forces behind them?
  • Photo-6: WikiLeaks will explain how the information reached them. This suits with the possible meaning of Photo-4.

3] If we ignore the photos and only take the text into account then it simply tells that WikiLeaks is going to release information about something called ‘Vault-7’ which most likely is an Organisation  of some kind. So the release will include such information:

  • What is Vault-7?
    Information about the nature and function of the Organisation.
  • Where is Vault-7?
    Information about the location of the Organisation’s HQ or Offices.
  • When is Vault-7?
    Information about when the Organisation was formed or when the organisation will start functioning or come into effect.
  • Who is Vault-7?
    Information about the members of the Organisation or it’s structure.
  • Why is Vault-7?
    Information about the need of the Organisation.
  • How did Vault-7 make it’s way to WikiLeaks?

4] Vault-7 is a set of information. WikiLeaks will release it. So,
What is the information about?
Where is the origin/location of the information.
When —————————————————-
Who gave the information?
Why is the information of importance?
How did the information reach WikiLeaks?

4] There are two photos that explicitly indicate a relation to the US Air-force it may be something related to 9/11 or something else pertaining to the Air-force.


Do You Have Any Ideas or Speculation?
We will love to hear about that.
Please submit your speculation via an email along with your name and a credit line of your choice.


All research was done independently.
Duplication of  research is purely co-incidental.
Tools Used: Google Reverse Image Search.

Author: Rohan Dandavate

Public Key: []

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  1. Thank you Mr. Rohan Dandavate for researching, editing and posting this comprehensive FYI on Vault 7! I’ll share and spread this information to my FB network.
    Also this site is very interesting, I’ll explore later.
    Have a great day for your intelligence, Aloha!

  2. I think they are alluding to the release of the 650,000 emails on Anthony Weiners laptop. The players all had gmail accounts to circumvent FOIA requests. The players are working for the shadow government of the CIA., which was formed after WWll to protect Wall Street. Many of the financial titans at the times were fascists, and most of the dark plays the US conducts around the world today are fascists in nature.

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