World War-II Movies You Must Watch!

War is a devastating business but everyone is fascinated with war. And War movies are the favorite among all.
Children watch them for the Action while adults watch them for the portrayal of emotion and spirit.

Undoubtedly the most prominent war ever was the Second World War. It was not a war for Power and Territory.
It was a war fought for Liberty and the rights of people. It was a war to destroy the ideology that killed millions of Jews. It was a war for righteousness.

This has placed World War-II in a special place in our hearts and thus also movies based on World War-II.

While there are hundreds of movies on WW-II, a few of them are so great that you must watch them.

Here are the Top 10: 

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1. Saving Private Ryan. (1998)

This classic by the maestro, Steven Spielberg is undoubtedly one of the greatest WW-II movie ever made. Starring Tom Hanks is the lead it has won several awards including 5 Academy Awards (Oscars). Based on the Sole Survivor Policy of the United States, it follows Capt. John Miller (Hanks) and his team on a mission to find, rescue and bring back Private Ryan whose three brothers have been killed in combat. The opening sequence of the Normandy Landings (Omaha Beach) has been hailed as the ‘Best Ever’. The film has stunning footage and graphic portrayal of War. The scenes are so realistic that WW-II veterans had nervous breakdowns while watching and a special helpline had to be set up.
The movie was deemed worth of preservation in the National Film Archive by the U.S Library Of Congress.

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2. The Great Escape. (1963)
The Great escape has a star studded cast of Richard Attenborough, Steve McQeen, James Garner, James Donald, Gordon Jackson and several others. The movie is based on the true story of The Great Escape. It follows Allied P.O.Ws all comprising of Air Force Officers who plan an escape from a Luftwaffe Prison Camp. The Camp was newly built and was supposedly impossible to escape from. There is a beautiful portrayal of the planning and execution of the Escape, down to it’s every minute detail. The movie is as realistic as a movie can be and all figures in the movie are real. The only fictitious scene is the SPOILER famous Motorcycle Scene.

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3. The Bridge on River Kwai. (1957)
This is another movie about P.O.Ws. It features British Prisoners held by the Japanese Army in a camp in Burma. The Camp Commander puts them to work for building a Railway Bridge on the Kwai River. He initially asks the Officer to do manual labor in a direct violation of the Geneva Convention but after stiff resistance from the SBO and other officers he takes back that order. The British men try to slow down the building but the SBO, Colonel Nicholson tells them the importance of British Values and Morals and directs them to create a perfect bridge as a tribute to British Engineering Skills. There is a beautiful portrayal of the conditions the men are living in as well their emotional condition.
The film has won a whooping Academy Awards (Oscars).

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4. Fury. (2014)
Fury, starring Brad Pitt in the lead is the only WW-2 movie focused entirely on Battle Tanks. There is a stunning glimpse into how life inside a tank is as well as portrayal of the immense strain faced by recently commissioned soldiers. Unlike Saving Private Ryan which is set in France, an allied country Fury is set in Germany and thus shows how Allied Soldier dealt with German Citizens (Most often women and children.). There are also some really good action scenes.

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5. Schindler’s List. (1992)
Another great movie from Steven Spielberg, this movie portrays the Holocaust in it’s raw form. The protagonist is a wealthy industrialist, Oscar Schindler who saved over a thousand Jews by hiring them in his factory, he bribed, cajoled and bullied German Officers into employing as many Jews as he could. The entire movie is a true story and the Jews he saved and their future generation are known as the Schindlerjuden (Schindler Jews). It is a amazing and touching movie and has won Academy Awards (Oscars).

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6. Patton. (1970)
Everyone has heard of General George Patton the feared commander of the the U.S Seventh Army who even the Germans considered a threat. And this is the best movie made about him. The movie follows his conquest in Africa, then Europe and finally his life after war. It offers great insight into Patton’s mind and has went on to win Academy Awards (Oscars).

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7. Sophie Scholl: The Final Days. (2005)
The movie is about the life of Sophie Scholl and to an extent her brother after they were arrested by the Gestapo for their anti-Nazi activities as the co-founders of the White Rose Society.
The climax of the movie is near the end where both Sophie and her brother, Hans gave amazing speeches during their trial. But they were sentenced to death and breaking protocol, were immediately assassinated by the guillotine. The actual assassination is shocking to watch.

Extra Fact: If the Scholl Siblings and Christoph Probst were held in confinement for 1 moth according to regulations, they would have been still alive because the Allies liberated Germany shortly after they were killed.

Read the White Rose Society Leaflets.

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8. Defiance.
The movie portrays the true story of the three Bielski brothers who saved and sheltered hundreds of Jews in a forest in Belarus. Besides only sheltering, they acquired weapons and fought off many attacks by the Nazi Army. The movie ends at their last major battle and escape. At wars end, 1200 of them survived. The Bielski brothers never sought attention for their actions and two of them led a quit life in the U.S.

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9. A Bridge Too Far. 
This movie is about the failed Operation Market Garden by the Allied Forces to capture several bridges in Netherlands and thus outflank the German Defense. The movie starts off right from the planning to the end. It follows several story lines simultaneously and is very realistic.
A negative factor is that it is a very long movie, more than 3 hours and at times it’s a bit boring.

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10. The Longest Day.
This is another great movie of the Normandy Landings or the Operation Overlord. This movie too follows several story lines and is as realistic as possible. It starts off from before the actual landing and gives an insight into the waiting for the Operation to begin and it’s toll on the men. It ends at a point where the tide of the battle is just turning in favor of the allies.
It is a very detailed movie and runs for around 3 hours. It has won Academy Awards (Oscars).

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Hope that you love the movies!

As I said earlier, World War to represented something more than just war and movies about it are not just war movies. They are a source of inspiration for many.

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