You Have a New Organ!

The Human Body has 78 Organs. That’s what we are taught but you need to update that.

Humans now officially have 79 Organs.

So, who is the new fellow?


Mesentry is a double fold of the Peritonium which attaches the Intestine to the Abdominal wall.

Though the first depiction of the Mesentry was done by Leonardo Da Vinci several centuries ago, it has been largely ignored by the medical and scientific community and kept in the corner as just a connecting tissue. It was thought that it is made up of several fragments. 

But, detailed observation has led to the discovery that it is a single developed structure with specific functions.

The research was done by Calvin Coffey, a researcher from the University Hospital, Limerick in Ireland and his team. Their full paper can be read here:

The Mesentry as an organ was also added to the latest version of Gray’s Anatomy.

Although the initial research was done in 2012, the last four years have been spent in studying and proving that it is an organ.

This opens up immense medical opportunities for pinpointing diseases and symptoms and most importantly proves that even with hundreds of years of knowledge the is still a lot to be learned about the Human Body

Author: Rohan Dandavate

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